Piazza Diaz Milano


Piazza Diaz di Milano is at the center of Milan, in Italy, where the cathedral of the city is located, Duomo di Milano. Where is also the main commercial center of a poly-centric city of 3.5 million inhabitants.
This area is composed of Porticos which eases and encourages shopping and recreational activities. This is also helped by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is on the west side of Piazza del Duomo.
While there is all this crowd in this area, exactly on the opposite side of Piazza, Where The Piazza Diaz is located, there is a very low level of commerce going on.
This project called “La Balconata”, (The Balcony), was a proposal to improve the situation of commerce in this side of the square.
My proposal consisted of creating a covered winter garden in two levels, Ground floor and upper floor , Donut shaped, supported by columns with a view to the lower floor.

The balcony is divided in two parts which the inner part is covered by a huge Plexiglas dome.
The Dome itself is composed of two parts, design wise, Vertical and Spherical, the vertical part could be lifted up mechanically to connect the inner part and outer part of the Balcony during the hot seasons.
A gap of 10 feet wide is considered between the Balcony and the existing buildings, to provide security as well as day light for the existing stores under the Portico..
A performance balcony is considered within the main balcony and the access to the balcony is through a pair of scenic stairs.
This project provides a covered area but ventilated during the summer for any concession and recreational activities including street artist attractions and during the raining days and winter the Dome provides a shelter and the winter garden is a pleasant urban view as a public attraction.
All this complex will increases the pedestrian traffic which will cause more exposure of the local businesses, at that point the scope of the project which is the economic impact on Piazza Diaz Milano will be achieved.


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