The best experience is knowing that there is always something to learn.
Following years of experience in Italy, Homayoun met the Wood as a new material to construct with, it looked a lot strange to substitute the masonry he was used to by wood, but it was convenient as requiring lower budget. Therefore he noticed the opportunity to learn the new method.

Later he discovered the advantages of wood construction when applied to his European experience of architecture, all what was strange to him in the beginning, became simple and familiar as it appeared to be only a different technology at the service of Architecture, It was only a different tool and “Know how” to express himself and reflect the need of the client.

During his collaboration with some of local architectural firms he worked with CornerStone Architecture for a short period while working with Architects like Stuart Howard at Stuart Howard Architects and Bernard Perreten Architect was a great local experience for him.
He participated in the design of some projects in Vancouver lower mainland before he decided to share his European and specially the Italian experience with his clients more closely.

Sherwood Senior Care Center, Abbotsford, BC
Crofton House School, Vancouver, BC
Surrey Fire Hall #10, Surrey, BC
Newton Seniors Recreation Centre, Surrey, B.C

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