Coach Housing Benefits to the Owner

Coach Housing Benefits to the Owner

You might benefit of Coach Housing in one or more ways:

1. Ageing in Place

Many residents who enjoy living in their current neighbourhood but find the need to downsize from their larger homes would have the option to live in a Coach House on their same property and still get help with financing and maintaining their larger house. It would also allow separate living space for a caregiver.

2. Multi-generational Families

Multi-generational Families Coach Houses are commonly used to keep relatives close by whether it is to take care for a parent as they age or as an opportunity for children to experience living on their own. Coach Houses can accommodate multiple grandparents, sons, daughters, and grandchildren living on one property.

3. Additional Income / Mortgage-Helper

New home owners have used Coach Houses as a mortgage-helper, allowing them to afford a house in the neighbourhood they wish to live in. Other common living situations include single income households who require Coach Houses in order to stay in their desired community.

4. Private Rental Option

Secondary suites require close living conditions and often decrease the level of privacy within the principle dwelling. Coach Houses are designed to maintain distance from the main house and landscaping or fencing can help ensure privacy. In some cases, it may be difficult to retrofit an existing house for a suite and a Coach House may fit better from a space and site planning perspective.